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A small idea, initiative or a little contribution from few people may become a revolutionary concept, technology, product or a venture that can change lives of many people. It’s a collaborative effort.


Smart Villages

Encouraging people to contribute back to their village development under smart village program.

Landmark social ventures

Contribute to the development of landmark social, spiritual, educational and iconic ventures that inspire the nation.

Enviroment & Sustainability

Involving in projects related to water and energy conservation. Rejuvenation of water bodies, lakes, rain water harvesting, waste recycling and tree plantations.

Small Business

Supporting people in doing small business that can contribute to the growth of the people and economy.

Education & Employment

Providing education and training to the underprivileged enabling them to pursue education of their dream.

Community outreach

Conducting community outreach programs to raise funds that will enable small farmers and agricultural community to get high yield agriculture output.

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